The Best free video script on the web.

JAVS is a free video script that offers webmasters and users an flexible, efficient and reliable solution to share video’s. This script is fast and wrote in PHP and jquery.
With the installer you can easy install JAVS to your server and start uploading videos within 2 minutes.
If you do have a problem there are manuals, Instruction video’s and member-to-member forum support.

Some statistics.

Javs has been downloaded 7541 since release date: 25 March 2012
There are now 836 sites using JAVS 1.4.3 websites
We sold 68 commercial licenses.
167 people bought our plugins.
We have done 276 professional servers installs.
Thank you all for the support.


Just Another Video Script is the only video script that can run only on lighttpd.
Other video script need apache for the running of your website and the streaming is done with lighttpd. With lighttpd as webserver you get a fast reliant website with seemless screaming. You can switch between normal .flv and HD .MP4 like on youtube.

Top Features that make JAVS the best script:

Easy installer
3 free templates (black, brown, green)
HD video encoding
Friendly Admin panel
Plugin Manager for easy plugin installation
Upload and Embed videos
Rotating Thumbnails
AJax Commenting and rating of videos
An all in one SEO solution
Advertising system
Automatic Sitemap generator (google friendly)
Member Community with message system, subscription and friends features
Jquery form checkers (signup and upload form)

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